Elacin Swim

Worry-free enjoyment of water activities

Do you like water sports, such as surfing, sailing, rowing, swimming and water polo, and do you regularly suffer from ear inflammation or infection? Custom-made Elacin Swim earplugs can help.

If you have tubes or a perforated eardrum, it is important that no water enters the ear canal while swimming. Protect your ears with Elacin Swim. These custom-made earplugs do not have filters and completely seal the ear canal from water. This way, you reduce the risk of inflammation and enjoy activities in and on the water with no worries.

Elacin Swim earplugs can be made any size and are suitable for children.

Who’s it for?
Elacin Swim is designed to keep water out of the ear canal.

It is the ideal solution for:

Water sports enthusiasts (swimmers, rowers, surfers, water polo etc.)
Water sports enthusiasts with sensitive ears or who are susceptible to ear infections
Children with grommets in their ears
Elacin Swim is designed to keep water from entering the ear canal.