Elacin ClearSound

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The?Elacin ClearSound is very compact and provided with a tiny grip to make it easy to insert and remove. The Elacin ClearSound is fitted with a patented noise filter that offers substantially better perception of the higher frequencies.In practice, this means that speech is easier to understand, work noises can be taken notice of better and warning signals are much easier to hear. The Elacin ClearSound thus offers considerable acoustic comfort. Furthermore, it is still possible to make contact in the normal way with an employee who is wearing this hearing protector. The broad range of filters also includes those with lower attenuation values to prevent excessive attenuation, which can be dangerous especially at lower noise levels.Supplied with a cord and shirt clip.With a choice of 5 filters depending on the intensity and length of exposure to noise: the RC13, RC15, RC17, RC18 or the RC19.