1. How long do ELACIN hearing protectors last? (A.) ELACIN hearing protectors last on average for four years. This lifespan does not depend on the quality of the hearing protectors, because that is monitored extremely carefully, but on the auditory canal. During our lives, the auditory canal continuously changes shape. This change can result in a hearing protector not fitting as snugly, not sealing properly and therefore making the attenuation insufficient. To ensure the best possible protection, it is therefore necessary to be measured for new hearing protectors every four years. The recommended replacement date is shown on the grey card with your customer details, which you will receive at the same time as your hearing protectors. 2. What is the best way of cleaning my hearing protector? (A.) For hygienic reasons, we advise cleaning it regularly with a damp cloth and then drying it with a soft cloth. Cleaning tablets or ELACIN cleaning spray is another good option. 3. Can a cord be attached to every type of hearing protector? (A.) We supply a cord with the Compact FlexComfort and ClearSound as a standard accessory. A cord is available as an option for the other types, apart from the SafeSound. It is still in development. 4. Which colours can I order for my ELACIN hearing protectors? (A.) The standard colour for our hearing protectors is transparent, apart from the ClearSound and SafeSound hearing protectors, which are supplied in turquoise and a warm grey respectively. However, all our hearing protectors are also available in beige, blue, yellow, red and black at an additional charge. 5. Are ELACIN filters water-resistant? (A.) If the filter gets very wet, as a result of continuously cleaning under running water, it could be adversely affected. Often it will lead to an increase in attenuation.