Amcor Closure Systems

2002-02-07 To Whom It May Concern In April 2002 Amcor Closures Systems Australia decided to trial the ELACIN Flexcomfort hearing protector on 30 members of our workforce. We were looking for a product that would be confortable yet still provides maximum hearing protection for our employees. The trial included a varied range of the ELACIN product from the Compact Flexcomfort to the Biopact Flexcomfort and two different filter types. The trial proved to be successful in all of the requirements set out that we have gone ahead and had the ELACIN hearing protectors supplied to our entire workforce including the our sales, technical and customer service staff. Other benefits to flow on from providing our workforce with the ELACIN hearing protectors is the huge reduction in outlay of temporary foam earplugs and ear muffs, and the reduction of waste associated with temporary foam earplugs. This has been very positive for us, as being a food grade establishment it reduces the chance of product contamination. Our employees have responded very positively to theses products and the benefits that it provides for them and it has further improved the relationship between employer and employee. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you would like to ask any further questions. Best Regards, By: George Greaves - Purchasing Office/OHS Coordinator 03-9240-0402 0407-331-633