Hearing protection for sleeping - Sleepfit

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Hearing protection for sleeping : Does your partner's snoring prevent you from getting to sleep? Then try Hearingtech SleepFit earplugs. They are made of extra soft material that are also comfortable to wear at night.You will start a new day wide awake and well-rested.SleepFit earpieces offer even more possibilities. They are used by students who particularly need to concentrate, shift workers or people who live close to entertainment centres.SleepFit is also ideal for those who travel frequently for business and other purposes. These earpieces provides the rest you need in a plane, train, bus or car.
The HearingTech SleepFit is specially designed for:
  • Partners of people who snore
  • People who work shifts
  • Students who want to be able to concentrate better
  • Anyone who lives in a noisy environment
  • Travel by plane, car, bus or train
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