Leakage test

Reliably verify the true function of hearing protection

Virtually all of our custom-made hearing protectors show no leakage which can be caused by incomplete print or production error upon delivery.

After 4 years of use, our data shows an increase in the number of leaks caused by an altered ear canal through growth. A leakage test* is required to guarantee 100% seal integrity.

In consultation, we can provide the following services:

  • Leakage test upon delivery
  • Leakage test during useful life

Elacin Leakage Test app

Elacin has developed a method to reliably verify the true function of hearing protection earplugs. Where other tests require a trained operator and a silent environment, the Elacin Leakage Test app offers full autonomy, creating a highly mobile and flexible solution. Both left and right are accurately tested. The key to its accuracy is subject of our latest patent application and relies on your binaural perception of sound. The Elacin Leakage Test app is the only completely independent and self-explanatory test. 


  • Boosted accuracy by patented technology
  • Mobile application – test anytime & anywhere
  • 7” tablet 
  • 16 languages available*
  • Left and right individually tested
  • Tests any earplug on site

A leakage test can be arranged in consultation. Please contact our Customer Service Department for the details.