Product Replacement Service

Quick replacement for companies

Despite the good intentions of you and your employees, it is inevitable that someone loses their hearing protection. Replacing a pair of custom-made hearing protectors requires, in addition to the investment, an appointment for ear impression, administrative procedures and production time. This means that an employee has to work for a longer period of time without the comfort and safety of good hearing protection.

This is a thing of the past with the new Elacin Product Replacement Service (PRS). With the PRS, we replace hearing protectors quickly, at low cost and without much effort.

How does it work?

Elacin PRS applies when purchasing new hearing protectors. When purchasing a PRS, we keep the original prints for four years. If an employee loses their hearing protection, contact Hearing Tech as soon as possible and tell us the name of the employee and the serial number (on the customer card) of the hearing protectors. Our production house starts the production of the replacement set and ensures that it is delivered to you within 10 business days. Requests are honoured with a complete set of the same type of hearing protector, including filter.

Who’s it for?

Elacin offers the Product Replacement Service to companies with more than 10 employees. If you employ fewer than 10 employees, discuss your options with your contact person or contact our Customer Service.

In brief:

  • Cheap, fast and easy replacement of lost hearing protection
  • Everything within 4 years after production

For more information, contact your contact person or our Customer Service Department.