About Sound

Everyday sounds?

People’s sensitivity to sound differs. In general, levels higher than 80 dB(A) can damage hearing. When people have to talk more loudly to make themselves heard, the surrounding level is 80 dB(A) or higher.
The higher the level, the greater the risk of hearing impairment. Very loud noises of short duration, such as those caused by an explosion or the firing of a gun can result in pain and an immediate serious or even permanent loss of hearing.

Exposure to noise levels between 80 and 120 dB can cause “imperceptible” damage — damage that people are unaware of at the time, but that they notice only after it has happened when it is too late. The longer the length of time one is exposed, the greater the damage that is caused.


The right hearing protection

Wearing the right type of hearing protection reduces the risk of hearing damage and ensures you are constantly protected. Benefits that are realized when you are also motivated to actually wear hearing protection without interruption.

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Examples of everyday sounds