Elacin Relax

Start your day well-rested

If you want to be able to fully concentrate and want more comfort while traveling, try Elacin Relax. These custom-made earplugs completely exclude ambient noise for better concentration when you work and a good night’s sleep. Due to the fully hollow design, they wear comfortably, even when sleeping. The new design with longer grip makes it even easier to insert and remove. With Elacin Relax, you start a new day well rested.


Who’s it for?

Elacin Relax earplugs are designed to exclude unpleasant environmental noises. They help you sleep undisturbed and concentrate in noisy environments.

Elacin Relax is ideal for:
  • Students
  • Frequent travellers
  • Partners of people who snore
  • Persons working in shifts


Elacin Relax earmoulds are made of silicone with a softness of 40 Shore.