Communication Solutions

Elacin RC Communication Series

Communicate while wearing your hearing protection

Making a phone call to a customer while standing next to an industrial machine. Or communicating by walkie-talkie with colleagues working in the other factory. In such circumstances, you obviously want to communicate and understand one another, while still wearing your hearing protection. This is possible using the Elacin RC Communication Series. It keeps you connected and protected.

Always connected

The Communication Series is the optional extension of the Elacin RC, the connection between your telephone, walkie-talkie or portable radio and the Elacin RC earplugs. It vouches for protected hearing, while enabling you to communicate remotely. Without any hum, in loud environments. Communicate using your own communication devices like never before.

The Elacin RC Communication Series comprises:

Elacin’s sound basis

You want to be protected from loud ambient noise. But you also want to be able to communicate properly with each other, and hear warning signals or the radio. You basically want to hear the world the way it is, anytime, anywhere. That is the power of Elacin RC hearing protection.

Thanks to its unique RC filter, everyone understands one another, even in very noisy environments. Using the RC BoomMic, RC SoloCom and RC Tube, you can communicate with the team working at a different site. Nor will a single warning signal go unnoticed. This allows you to raise communication in your working environment to a higher level.

The benefits Elacin offers:

  • optimum speech intelligibility
  • high wearing comfort, thanks to customisation
  • filters for any noisy working environment
  • ergonomic shape, fits like a glove

For any means of communication

With the Elacin RC Communication series, you don’t need to buy expensive, new communication systems. All you need is Elacin. Our communication products are connectable to all telephones, walkie-talkies and radio systems, including Motorola, Kenwood and Sepura brands. They are also compatible with all our RC hearing protection products. And they will remain so in the future. This implies that you do not need to continually purchase new systems, as you already possess a sustainable solution; connected and protected.

Why Elacin RC Communication Series?

It is our mission to protect hearing. And it is sorely needed, as you run the risk of hearing damage if you fail to wear earplugs or ear defenders in noisy environments. It is therefore essential to be able to communicate while wearing hearing protection. The Elacin RC Communication Series enables you to work safely the whole day long.

Which of the Communication Series solutions best suits your organisation? Download all specifications. Or get in touch directly.